Sunday, January 22, 2017

Quick review of Pixel Loot: Overland Travel cards

Today I got in my physical rewards from Shane Butler's Pixel Loot: Overland Travel kickstarter.  I've been sitting on the digital rewards for a bit now without looking much at them (because digital cards don't do much for me).  This is the second of Shane's kickstarters that I've backed, and both were completed and delivered promptly and ahead of schedule.  I would definitely back a third.

Zoe likes them, your cat may too!

The Overland Travel cards are exactly what they sound like.  Draw a card when you want something random to happen out in the wilderness.  There's a bit more to it than that, though.  Each card has a daytime and a nighttime event, as well as a random number of hours, a random thought, and a bunch of icons that I'm not quite sure what they mean (looks like random sex/gender, race, monster, and attitude).  This makes a draw of the deck more useful that just to pull a random wilderness event.

Two test draws that seemed interesting to me.

The cards have a large variety of event types, from general feelings of being watched to encounters with greedy tax collectors.  There's a few that I'd probably redraw, like the peaceful invasion of a migrating butterfly swarm, but that's more just my personal tastes than anything about the cards themselves.

Zoe got possessive of the cards while I was sleeving them, so a word of warning:  Your cat might *really* like them. 
Overall, I'm very happy with them and can't wait to put them to actual use.  I do wish they were more like the Dungeon Maker cards by the same creator.  With the Dungeon Maker cards*, each draw is actually a draw of 4 cards - each card determines where the dungeon is, who built it, why it's there, and what happened to its last inhabitants.  I like this format a lot better, but that says more about how great the Dungeon Maker cards are (which I should probably do a review of too).

The Overland Travel cards don't appear to be available yet on RPGNow/DriveThruCards, but I'd expect them to be available soon once backers have had a chance to get their rewards.

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